Found on the beach: a book and a page

I haven’t been writing much about the beach lately, partly because I haven’t been to the beach much lately. There are many reasons for that. But the best one is that I’ve finished my book and it’s available now for preorder from Amazon!

Please check it out:

In other news, I’ve started a patreon page. In the coming weeks I’ll be moving this blog, and my Parkinson’s blog, over to my patreon. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to read them without charge. My blog posts will always remain public. I just need to consolidate my online website management as much as possible so I have time to write more. Patreon offers me the opportunity to blog and also provide behind the scenes access to readers who are interested. I will dual post beach blogs here and on my patreon through the end of this year to ease the transition for occasional followers.

Please check out my patreon page for more information, and future Beach Writer blog posts: